Why Ski touring ?

It's about freedom. Away from the busy ski slopes, it’s only you and the mountain. Views you can't see on the ski slope. A walk through the forest or extreme downhill from the peaks - choose for yourself.
And also there is no need to buy any lift cards.
Let's talk about gear.
The main difference is in the ski bindings, the touring bindings allow you to lift your heels, which in turn facilitates walking and climbing.

To prevent the skis from sliding back, special climbing skins are put on. Currently, the variety of equipment is huge and quite expensive. Want to try it? It is advisable to have at least beginner skiing skills. We will offer you a suitable route, depending on your level. You can hire equipment and a mountain guide from us.
Good luck!!!

Prices for ski touring
Equipment - ski that have bindings with heel lift, ski touring boots (with modes for walking and skiing), folding poles, climbing skins BGN 25 per day
Instructor / Mountain guide We can arrange different options according to your preferences and needs. For more information please contact us.
* Due to circumstances beyond our control, "Chamkoria" ski school notifies its customers for possible price changes for ski services.
We wish you pleasant moments on the white slopes.