Season 2021-2022

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Prices for individual ski and snowboard lessons

1 to 3 people

Hours per day 1 person 2 people 3 people
1 hour 70 BGN 115 BGN 140 BGN
2 hours 120 BGN 180 BGN 230 BGN
4 hours 210 BGN 280 BGN 350 BGN

Ski and snowboard packages for groups of 5 to 12 people
2 hours per day

Time Price for adults Price for children
/ up to 14 years old/
1 day 50 BGN 40 BGN
2 days 90 BGN 75 BGN
3 days 125 BGN 105 BGN
* To book group lessons, please contact us.
* Due to circumstances beyond our control, "Chamkoria" ski school notifies its customers for possible price changes for ski services.
We wish you pleasant moments on the white slopes.
картинка групи

and groups
картинка ниво на трудност

Difficulty levels:
all :)
картинка езици

Bulgarian, English, Russian

Our school and instructors

Team of heroes!

Slavcho ski instructor

Slavcho – Chief and former ski istructor (from the last century).
Nicknamed the Man of Tourism.
He will make you the best offer (not necessarily the cheapest :))

Ivo - ski istructor (former professional skier). Extremely patient, he is great with children and if you have ambitions to achieve racing technique - this is the right man.
Bookings - 2 weeks in advance.
Language - Bulgarian.

Ivo ski instructor
Gery ski instructor

Gery – ski instructor. Hurry, the bookings started in the summer. In addition to being a professional, you will also enjoy her sense of humor while learning what discipline is.
She has experience and works great with children over 3 years old.
Language - Bulgarian.

Kiro - snowboard and ski instructor. Graduate of the National Sports Academy, majoring in „Snowboard“.
Bookings - 2 weeks in advance.
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian.

Kiro ski instructor
Krusti ski instructor

Kutsi - skiing, snowboarding, telemark, cross-country skiing.
He will explain all the small details about everything - if you really want to know
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian.

Dancho - perfect for beginners. But his true strength is freeriding.
He is also a mountain guide with many years of experience.
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian, German.

Jordan ski instructor
Mia ski instructor

Mia (Maria) is a ski and snowboard instructor. From beginners to racing technique.
Language - Bulgarian, English, Russian.

Valeri - will eventually welcome you with a smile in the ski store.
You can count on him to repair your ski and snowboard equipment.
Ski Instructor in special situations, Mountain Guide and Borovets Encyclopedia.
Language - universal.

Valeri ski instructor
Daiana ski instructor

Diana - our newest addition She is alpine skier and could teach perfect carving turns skiing technique, she is also awesome with children.
Language - Bulgarian.